New Year, New Blog and New Career Chapter @ VMware!


[This blog post was written on Dec 30th 2015 but I couldn’t publish in time due to PTO]

I am very excited to announce that I am joining the NSBU @ VMware as a Senior Staff Architect effective Jan 1st 2016. This is actually a second major move for me inside VMware in 6 months as I had transitioned before that from PSO (professional services organization) to the ISBU (integrated systems business unit). The latter move was a big career transition for me because I have been always customer facing throughout my career. The ISBU role was purely R&D which allowed me to learn an incredible amount of new things inside the SDDC org and to interact with diverse teams like Engineering, QE, PMs and so forth. What I actually used to do in the ISBU was mostly what I did in my spare time during the PSO days. Like coming up with new ideas, prototyping them into tangible solutions like nested labs or documenting them in different forms. During those six months also I came to realize how much I am passionate about networking and security virtualization. This is something that was not very obvious to me during the past few years but, surprisingly, when I look back to what I did in VMware or even how I started my career and developed it, I realize that networking has been always my biggest passion. You can even tell that from my blog posts on They have been always centralized abound NSX and its predecessor vCNS.

Which takes me to the new role that I am moving to. It is still part of the same R&D organization at VMware which will allow me to continue to do what I enjoy the most to prototype new ideas and solutions but now even with a greater focus on NSX. What I am even more excited about is that I will be able to engage with customers (in limited scopes though) to help them adopt NSX in their environments, be it enterprises, service providers or even telcos. Speaking of the latter sector, my last project in PSO was around NSX & NFV which was one of the very first worldwide VMware NFV projects done purely with NSX & vCD-SP. This has not just turned into a huge success story but also started a whole new opportunities for NSX in the telco world. This is exactly what I am looking forward to continue doing in my new role in the NSBU. There is no restrictions whatsoever on what I can work on or what solutions I want to develop from a proof of concept inside the R&D all the way to the field (with PSO, SE, customers) to implement it. It’s like designing the next F-16 and having the opportunity to be the first one to fly it!

2015 has been an awesome year in my career and I would like to take this chance to thank my previous manager, Phil Weiss, for his incredible support during my short time in the ISBU and in my decision to transition to the NSBU. He is hands-down the best manager I had in my career, not just in VMware. He is also a brilliant architect and in fact I was inspired for a long time by his Mega vPods that he used to build in his pervious R&D days.

I am not writing this blog post just to announce my move (who cares anyways), but also to showcase that sometimes you might be passionate about something for a very long time without necessary realizing that. I have always found similar blog posts from VMware rock stars like Duncan Epping or Scott Lowe to be really inspiring. I hope one day I will be able to do the same for others in their careers.

And just for the record, this time I know exactly what I want to do next, where I want to be inside VMware and how to reach there! All I can say for now is that specialization is every thing in our industry and once you know what you are really passionate about, don’t think twice to focus your career in that direction.

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