Diagram: VMware NSX 6.0 for vSphere – System Architecture

Now that VMware NSX 6.0 for vSphere is GA, I can finally start blogging about this incredibly powerful platform! I have been working with NSX 6.0 in my lab for quite sometime and I must say, I am quite impressed with the great new functionalities and improvements over the traditional vCloud Network & Security (vCNS). My personal favorite feature is the unicast VXLAN mechanism that eliminated the requirement for the IP multicasting in your physical network. You can literally get NSX 6.0 up and running in 30min or less! You think I am exaggerating? You should have a look then on my four-part videos here : http://www.hypervizor.com/nsx/

In this post, however, I am presenting the overall NSX 6.0 system architecture. I have used some of the great VMworld2013 presentations as the foundation of this architecture (hats off to our awesome NSBU tech marketing team), but I added my own architecture components to make it thorough as much as an A4 page size could fit.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 7.50.32 PM

That being said, this is by no mean a complete architecture of NSX 6.0, but rather a general or high-level design of the main components and how they all interact with each other. As you would expect, I will be publishing in the near future a highly detailed architectures that are focused on technologies like: VXLAN, Distributed Firewall, VPN, Load Balancing, Dynamic Routing (just to name a few). I will be exploring also other solution architectures for NSX 6.0 with VMware products like vCloud Director, vCloud Automation Center and so forth.

Until then, I encourage you to start getting your hands down and dirty with the product through the HOL available online at this link: http://labs.hol.vmware.com/HOL/#lab/558

Before that, and if you feel you are missing the installation and configuration bit of the product, I recommend to watch first my videos on YouTube to get you up-to-speed on this part and to give you also a better understanding on how things should be built and in which order.


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